Import and Export Trading Business

Original one-stop solutions from contract manufacturing
to quality control and sales.

We import & Export the chemical commodities all over the world.

We import and export various chemical raw materials such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, raw materials for electronic, dyestuffs and pigments, poisons/toxic substances, raw materials for cosmetics, and various other chemical products from all over the world. With our many years of experience and well skilled local languages, we provide excellent service to our clients no matter where they are. For further efficiency and achievement, we carry on our business as a bridge between Japan and other foreign country.


Solutions Business

We can select good contract manufacturers for the clients. Using our networks, we support our clients’ R&D and its productions, both from QC, 5S management and avoiding contaminations while producing their products. In the new changing market, we always keep on our job to let our clients pleasantly expect for our ability of the developments and well steady supply of the products.

We support the production process and technical guidance. We always step ahead to clear the problems in advance.

We support technical guidance to the suppliers, and most of them are located in mainland China. We always support our cooperative manufacturer to supply high quality and stable commodities for our clients. With prompt response, we also strictly tie-up with the manufacturers from the production process, analysis, environment regulation, safety control, and compliance supervision.



We have formulated our management strategy in accordance with handling regulations of API, its intermediates, and other chemicals such as poisonous substances, toxic substance, and etc. We are obligated to clarify and confirm whether these chemicals are safety and well controlled production process. We ensure the safety and quality of our products on the basis of our strict management.

  • Import and Export Trading Business


    Meitoku Trading Co., Ltd. is always on the position to import and export various chemical raw materials from all over the world. We have several contract manufacturers in China. We support R&D and contract manufacturing in China. We are always particular about high level quality control throughout every step of manufacturing product, even in chemical package and delivery, it is also important for our clients before the commodities completely arrive at their warehouse.

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  • Marine Business


    Our marine business,The Boat Man noffers many kinds of new and used cruisers, fishing boats from around the world. We support people to the ocean and enjoy fascinating marine leisure. Call to The Boat Man Mnyatnime, we keep on responding to your needs.

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  • Other Business


    With well skilled native languages, we can provide consulting service to China and the other countries for the clients. We have been managing our import and export business and that expanded wider range of commodities such as corals and their cosmetic raw materials, ornaments, and personal adornments.

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  • Jewelry Business section


    We import and export rare loose diamonds and gemstones in Japan. We specialized in fancy color diamonds. Our E.G.L diamond grader provides multi service for your jewelry, such as making grading reports in which customers could protect their properties. Taiwan Jurassic Color Diamond Group is our well cooperated partner, we produce the global jewelry online auction from buying and selling. Please contact us without any hesitate, we remain.